Master of Taste by Kek's
Devil’s Fudge Cake

Devil’s FudgeCake

A chocolate classic with its intense chocolate cream…

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Master of Taste; Kek’s Bakery

Anyone can bake a cake but it takes skill to turn it into a work of art.
Kek’s Bakery has been serving delicious and skillfully made cakes for the past 18 years.
Kek’s Bakery realizes that baking a cake takes finesse, therefore every cake and cheesecake is made with great attention to detail.
This meticulous process is what makes every cake a work of craftsmanship.

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Kek’s Bakery’s Delicious Taste Trick

Kek’s Bakery’s trick is maintaining its high standard from ingredients to production. We believe that taste and quality are never a coincidence. It is important to know all the details about the ingredients we use, but also making sure they are the highest quality in their market. All of this meticulousness present the mastership of Kek’s Bakery.

To have consistency in our standards and taste, Kek’s Bakery is following the newest Turkish and international trends. To take our bakery to perfection and maintain a good position with our Ar-Ge work, we are working with Chef Steve Mannion for his consultancy and training. All of our production chefs, staff and food engineers are working hard from stocking to all levels of production. All of our hard work supports our leading position in the baking industry and this is what makes Kek’s Bakery special.

After all of our effort, we are happy to be the “one” for our cake lovers.



Every Detail Needs Attention in Bakery.


Cream is a very rich food product in terms of milk fat and milk protein. These essential proteins cannot be produced by the human body and can only be found in milk products.


The usage of effective packaging and not using preservatives, makes the pasteurized eggs safe and also improves the product stability.


Lactose, milk fat, casein, lactalbumin and lactoglobulin that are found only in milk are not only important for nutritional value, but also for human lives. Our milks maintain their nutritional value while they are produced with the ultra heat treatment (UHT) technology.


The sugar we use while baking is beet sugar instead of cane sugar or starch sugar.


All products that are being used are standard calibrated, frequently sieved and from domestic production.


Butter we use has a unique taste and smell. They hold essential fatty acid. Therefore, they are great for the digestive system.


The significant differentiation between the jelly and filling is the ratio of the pulp content. The jelly and fillings we use contain 46% real fruit pulp content and doesn’t have coloring agent.


Chocolate being used has 55% cocoa mass and has 37% cocoa fat while being produced from 1st quality cocoa beans with the right technology. These high percentages increase the nutritional value and the flavor.

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